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Tune Request Types


When submitting your ticket into for your tunes there are a few options to select in this process to help get your ticket to the right place.  Please make sure to select your ticket type to help get your tunes taken care of, below is a brief description of what these ticket types are.


New Device


When you first purchase your device or are enrolling a new vehicle this is where you want to submit your request.  You would need to know your vehicles Computer Code and other specs about your vehicle.


New Part


Adding a new part to your Mustang or F-150? Get your ticket submitted here for your files to be updated for this.  Also make sure to check our list of What Is Supported before getting new parts as we do not support all mods. 




Need support for your vehicle like getting a CEL occurring, stalling out at times or the vehicle doesn't start.  Get your ticket submitted to us here for assistance with the issue.




Want an adjustment to your transmission shift schedule?  Need to update the octane settings on your tune? Make some minor adjustments, select this option for us to make those changes for you.  Also you have the ability to make changes in the User Options when loading a tune for things like Gear and Tire Settings.


Data Logging


Data logging is a great way to find more out about a vehicle and we can help to either diagnose an issue and make tune updates for that or confirm things are working well and make small adjustments to optimize the tune for you.  Get a ticket submitted with this option and check out our articles on how to get your Data Log started.


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