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Turn Around Times

How long does it take to get your tune?

This may vary based on how many tune requests we have at that time. A few things to consider for the turnaround times are listed below.


  • Seasonality - The Spring and Summer months are the busiest season for us as that is when we all get to enjoy our rides and get out to the car shows and track events.  Unfortunately this increase in requests results in a longer wait for them to be completed.  We can see the wait time be up to a week at times but typically it is about 3 days until your tunes are completed and out for you.
  • Revisions - Certain changes may require a little more time to get things dialed in or have some follow up questions to get your adjustments made.  With this we will typically have contact with you about the change or updates in a day or two and move forward from there.
  • Data Logs - Again there may be some back and forth here to get the tune dialed in or help diagnose a mechanical issue occurring with the vehicle.  Reach out to us and you we can get that going for you with revisions to follow.
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