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Connecting RevX to Wifi

The Rev-X Tuner tuner has WiFi connection capabilities which allows for updates to the device and receiving tune files to be done without having to connect to a laptop or PC.  For these functions to work we need to get the Rev-X Tuner connected to your home router first.


  1. Start by finding your routers password, this can be found in your routers manual or often on a stick on the back of the router itself.  Copy this information as you will need to enter it onto the Rev-X.
  2. Power up the Rev-X by plugging into a power source which can be done by either the OBD-II or the micro USB cable provided with the tuner.
  3. Select the option for 'Device Settings'
  4. Toggle down to the 'WiFi' option and select that.
  5. The tuner will scan to find your WiFi signal and give a list of available connections
  6. Select your route from this list, you can again reference the router for its name or compare to what your smart phone my already be linked up to.
  7. Enter the password for the router so that you can connect.
  8. Confirm the WiFi settings and you will be good to perform other functions like update the Rev-X or pull tunes from the Cloud.
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