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Can you tune for E85 fuel?

BAMA Performance does offers E85 tunes for the 2011-2020 Mustang GT, but depending on the year and mods done to the Mustang it may require some fuel system upgrades. 


Before making the swap over to E85 some things to consider are that due to E85 burning over 30% richer than a traditional fuel the fuel economy is going to be reduced.  The richer burning fuel does help to allow for better power gains though.


We advise purchasing an Ethanol content tester and validating the percentage of ethanol before use.  If the percentage of ethanol varies too much from 85% it can cause issues with how the vehicle is operating. If you plan on storing your vehicle and not driving every day, the Ethanol will "gel" inside the fuel tank and injectors and cause poor performance.  This does take some time to occur, if storing the car over a few months it would be recommended to drain the fuel tank.


2011-2014 Mustang GT's


Below are the mods needed to run E85 on this year Mustang


  • Ford Performance LU47 Fuel Injectors
  • Stock Pump


2015-2020 Mustang GT's


Below are the mods needed to run E85 on this year Mustang


  • Stock Fuel Injectors*
  • Stock Pump


*if using an aftermarket intake manifold that allows for higher RPM's to be achieved larger fuel injectors like the Ford Performance LU47's would be needed.


Because E85 requires a completely new tune you must ensure that you are only running E85 in the tank when using E85 tunes.  To help with this we can send out a fuel drain tune that allows you to prime the fuel pump to empty the tank through the fuel line in the engine bay.  This fuel line would need to be disconnected and ran into a fuel container to catch any fuel being pumped out of the tank.  We do also offer a FlexFuel tune on certain year Mustangs (2015-2017) that can be used to transition from one fuel type to another.


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