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What is the difference between a Bama Performance Custom Tune and SCT/Diablo's Pre-Loaded Tunes?

SCT Pre-Loaded Tunes are designed for stock or lightly modified vehicles (cold air kits, exhaust systems, gear ratio changes etc.) and are not customized to your driving style and vehicle's modifications.


At Bama Performance, we have complete control over your vehicle's PCM Custom Tuning Software. After completing a detailed questionnaire, one of our Tuning Experience Specialists creates our custom tunes from scratch. Utilizing our combined 45+ years of experience, dyno and track testing, our tunes will optimize your vehicle's performance for everything from simple add-ons such as cold air kits to high horsepower modifications such as superchargers, turbo kits or nitrous oxide.


Our tunes typically provide 10-15+ HP/TQ over SCT/Diablosport Pre-Loaded tunes.

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