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How many tunes can a chip hold?

The switch Programs:


SCT Switch chips can hold up to four different programs plus the stock program contained in the computer. IT is very important that you know which program corresponds to each switch setting. Failure to use the program intended for your combination can result in serious engine damage. Using the stock computer's program with modified engines can also result in serious engine damage.


The switch chips can be switched between the various settings with the engine off. To switch between programs, move the rotary switch between settings "0" and "3." Rotary switch setting "4" is the stock computers program. Settings 5-7 are "No Run" settings.


Note: If the processor has been previously flashed with a custom program, that will be the stock computer's program.


WARNING: The computer connector must be cleaned and scraped before this module is installed. Failure to do so will void your warranty and trial period.


Switch Position

Program Explanation

Position #0


Position #1


Position #2


Position #3


Position #4

Stock Program

Position #5

Antitheft - Vehicle will not run

Position #6

Antitheft - Vehicle will not run

Position #7

Antitheft - Vehicle will not run
















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