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How do I datalog my vehicle with my InTune?

1. Plug your inTune device into your vehicle using the supplied cable.

2. On your inTune device, go to the main menu and select "Scan Tool."

3. Select "Data Logging."

4. Select "Record" to start recording.

5. Check out our step-by-step datalogging procedures here

6. Plug the inTune device into your computer using the supplied USB cable.

7. Plugging the device in will allow the drivers to load automatically. If this is the first time you are plugging the device into your computer, it may take a few minutes to complete.

8. Click on "My Computer" or "Computer."

9. The  device will appear as a removable memory device. Double click the icon labeled "Intune."

10. Double click the folder labeled as "logs."

11. Drag the log file onto your desktop.

12. Attach the log file in an email and email it back to either the representative who requested the log or


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