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How do I un-pair the iTSX accessory for use on a different vehicle?

  1. From the iTSX App, select the "Info" menu item from the main screen.
  2. When presented with the "Info" screen, select the "Unpair from Accessory" menu item in the "Accessory Info" section of the "Info" screen.
  3. The iTSX App will display a confirmation screen to confirm you wish to unpair from the iTSX accessory.
  4. To confirm you wish to unpair the iTSX accessory, touch the "Yes, UnPair" button to unpair the accessory, or touch "No, don't Unpair" if you wish to cancel unpairing.
  5. When unpairing from the iTSX accessory has completed, a message box will be displayed prompting you to complete the final steps in unpairing.
  6. To complete the unpairing procedure, exit the iTSX App by pressing the "Home" button on the face of your device.
  7. From the Home screen of your iPod, iPhone or iPad device, touch the Settings icon to enter the Setting area of your device.
  8. Select the General option from the list of available settings and select Bluetooth from the menu items.
  9. The iTSX accessory will appear in the list of available devices and will be listed as "Not Connected."
  10. Touch the blue circular arrow button to the right of the "Not Connected" text.
  11. Once displayed, select the "Forget this Device" button.
  12. To confirm you wish to "Forget this Device," select the red "Forget Device" button at the bottom of the screen.
  13. The iTSX accessory is now unpaired and can be connected to another vehicle or another IOS mobile device.
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