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Can I use this on more than one Mustang at a time if I have two Mustangs or if my friend wants to borrow my tuner?

In most situations, we recommend buying a separate tuner for each vehicle that you plan on tuning as a tuner will only allow one tune to be installed at a time. Once a tuner is used on a car, it becomes locked to that vehicle. In order to tune a different car, you must return the first vehicle to stock and unlock the tuner from that vehicle in order to be able to use it with the second vehicle. Tuners restrict the number of vehicle unlocks per tuner to 5 times before it will permanently lock itself and you would have to contact the manufacturer to attempt to unlock the device. Because of these restrictions, the most common scenario for unlocking the tuner from the originally tuned car is if you are selling or replacing your Mustang.

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