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Free Tunes for Life Program

Bama Performance provides FREE tunes for life on our SCT custom tuners & chips. Any time you make a new modification that requires a re-tune, Bama Tuning Specialists will write you a new one - for free.


How to Get Free Tunes for Life?

1.  Purchase a Bama or SCT custom tuner w/ custom tunes.

2.  Request a tune revision, check out the link HERE to place a new tune order.


Offer valid for customers who originally purchased an SCT custom tuner from BamaChips customers who purchased an SCT or Diablosport tuner or custom tune files are also enrolled in the Free Tunes for Life program for continued support by Bama Performance. Please contact us when you would like to order new free tunes. 


Only the original car and drivetrain tuned for are eligible for the Free Tunes for Life program. A new car or drivetrain will require you to buy back in to the Free Tunes for Life program. for more information or click HERE.  Also the Tunes for Life program is not transferable to a new owner of the vehicle.  Once the vehicle is transferred to a new owner they must enroll in our program if they wish to receive new tune files.


Bama Performance may choose to not supply tunes for heavily modified vehicles with aftermarket superchargers, turbo systems, engine swaps and other aftermarket engine components.

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