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What Parameters Do I need to Datalog (11-14 Mustang ALL)

2011-2014 GT/V6:

Please select the following PID's/DMRS (do not select any SAE(OBD) parameters) and ensure Rapid Pack Datalogging is selected


  • Intake Air Temperature
  • Intake Air Temp2 F (only available for GT500)
  • Engine Coolant Temperature


  • Measured AFR Bank 1
  • Measured AFR Bank 2
  • Lambse bank 1
  • Lambse bank 2
  • Long term fuel trim bank 1
  • Long term fuel trim bank 2
  • Short term fuel trim bank 1
  • Short term fuel trim bank 2


  • MAF Frequency
  • MAF Flow Rate lb/min (#/min)


  • RPM
  • Load
  • Torque Source
  • Vehicle Speed


  • Spark Advance V2
  • Knock Sensor

Variable Cam (does not apply to GT500)

  • Variable Valve Timing Exhaust Bank 1 Actual
  • Variable Valve Timing Intake Bank 1 Actual

Transmission (only applies to AT equipped vehicles)

  • Gear Commanded
  • Torque 
  • Line Pressure KPA
  • Torque Converter Slip
  • Torque Converter Clutch Commanded


  • Throttle Angle Actual
  • Throttle Angle Desired
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