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What Parameters Do I need to Datalog (96-98 ALL)

99-04 V6/GT/Cobra:

Please select the following PID's/DMRS (do not select any SAE (OBD) parameters) and ensure Rapid Pack Datalogging is selected.  03-04 Cobra's require an aftermarket wide-band air-fuel gauge hooked up or dyno with wideband in the exhaust (preferably before the catalytic converter).


NOTE: X4's may not work properly on these vehicles.



  • Intake Air Temp
  • Intake Air Temp2 F (only applies to 03-04 Cobra)
  • Engine Coolant Temperature



  • Long term fuel trim bank 1
  • Long term fuel trim bank 2
  • Short term fuel trim bank 1
  • Short term fuel trim bank 2



  • MAF AD Counts
  • MAF Flow Rate lb/min (#/min)
  • Load


  • Idle Air Integrator
  • ISC Learned Correction No AC


  • Battery Voltage
  • Engine Speed
  • Throttle Position Absolute
  • Vehicle Speed



  • Spark
  • Spark Source
  • Knock Sensor (only applies to 96-98 Cobra)
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