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1988-2004 Mustang Idle Tuning Basics/Mechanical Tips

It is very important to follow these steps when installing a Bama Performance Custom Tune.  Setting the 'p-stop' or throttle-body airflow is one of the most important elements to get a vehicle running properly


1.  All vehicles equipped with an adjustable or aftermarket fuel-pressure regulator must ensure fuel pressure is set to 39.5psi with the vacuum line disconnected.


2.  If you are running a breather you cannot keep the PCV installed on the other side - please remove the PCV completely.  Most street engines can benefit from a proper PCV system with Fresh Air Intake to provide a clean source of Fresh Air into the crankcase system (this is the hose going from the inlet tube to the air intake pipe)


3.  Ensure base ignition timing is set to 10 degrees with the spout disconnected (only applies to 1988-1995).  We suggest installing a TDC stop in cylinder #1 and degree the balancer before setting the timing


4.  You will be required to disconnect the IAC valveto prevent it's operation/adjustment.  Adjust the throttle stop-screw to achieve the commanded idle rpm specific by Bama Performance and let the vehicle idle for a few minutes (88-95 stock setting is 0.010 clearance plus one full turn with stock throttle body/motor)


5.  Adjust the TPS sensor to read .97-1.00V at idle (only applies to 1988-1995).  Rev the motor a few times and verify the vehicle is still running at the desired idle RPM (You may have to drill out the TPS mounting holes to achieve additional rotation.)


6.  Plug the IAC back in


7.  Disconnect your battery for 10min and start vehicle


* if the vehicle does not idle where you want please DO NOT adjust the set-screw.  All idle functions are controlled through the PCM



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