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What to do if a dealer/repair shop is going to re-flash my PCM?

Many dealerships/repair shops often re-flash a vehicles PCM without mention to the vehicle owner.  It is always suggested to flash your vehicle back to stock before taking your car to the repair shop to avoid any issues; however, this is not always possible.


We suggest notifying the repair shop to not flash the PCM for any reason whatsoever.  Having a dealership flash your PCM without returning your tuner to stock/un-marrying it may require in a tuner that is married to the old vehicle strategy code - if this is the can you may have to send your tuner back to be unlocked, which can cost up to $150.00


If the repair shop flashed the PCM - do not load your existing custom tunes until you have verified the vehicle strategy code HAS NOT CHANGED.  Please email or call Bama performance to verify the strategy of your last tunes.

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