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How do I load BAMA Custom Tunes to my Vehicle from the iTSX?

1. Select Program from the main menu.




2. Tap Custom Tune to continue.



3. Read the Street Use Notice then select OK.



4. Select which tune you would like to use (ie. 93 Octane –Performance).



5. Your device will then display a message stating that the preloaded SCT tunes will now be disabled. Select Continue.



6. Next, you will be asked if you want to adjust any options in the tune. Select Use Default Options. We DO NOT recommend adjusting any options on a tune.



7. You will then see a Program Summary. If everything is accurate, select Start Programming.



8. Turn the ignition on, but DO NOT start the car. Select Continue. The device will start saving the stock tune and writing the custom tune.





9. Lastly, you will get a message stating that the programming is complete.


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