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How to load BAMA custom tunes onto your Diablosport Trinity

To load a Custom Tune:

1. Accept the Warning message.




2. Select the Performance icon.



3. Turn the ignition on without starting the car and select Continue.



4. Agree to the disclaimer.



5. Select the transmission type if this is the first time connecting the device to the vehicle.



6. Select your desired tune. a. NOTE: The vehicle needs to be flashed with a preset tune in order to obtain the .ORI file. If you plan on using a custom tune, this preset tune will be temporary. You need to obtain the .ORI in order have a custom tune built to your specifications.



7. Select Choose.


8. You will get a message stating that your original backup will be saved. Select Continue.


9. Turn the ignition off, and then on without starting the car and select Continue.



10. Then you will get a message that the tuner is reading the cars CPU.


11. The device will tell you to turn the ignition off then back on, but do not start the car. Select Continue.


12. You will then get a message stating that your original backup has been saved. Select Continue. a. NOTE: This is the .ORI file needed in order to write a tune for the vehicle. Contact a BAMA specialist at this point for a custom tune if you haven’t done so already.If you do not already have the custom tune that you want, do not select one of the preset tunes and select Back.





If you already have a custom tune you would like to use, START HERE.



13. Follow the device prompts until you are asked to choose between Diablo tunes or Custom Tunes. Select Custom Tunes.



14. Select your desired tune (ie. 93 Race, 93 Street, etc.)



15. Next, the device will bring up a screen with the vehicles vin number and the tune you have chosen. If you chose the correct tune, select Choose.



16. Select Install Tune.



17. Turn the ignition on without starting the car.



18. Turn the ignition off and then on again without starting the car. You may be asked to do this twice.



19. Lastly, you will get a message stating that the Tune is Complete.


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