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What do I have to do to pass emissions

Bama Tunes will not affect your vehicles emissions or smog testing. Only by removing, altering or modifying emissions/smog equipment will a vehicle fail emissions testing. Such modifications are only permitted on vehicles intended for off-road use only. Our Bama tunes cannot accommodate for the removal or modifications to emission hardware.


Many times after you flash the vehicle and try to pass emissions you will get readiness test failures. Please note O2 Sensors and EVAP are the last to ready.  Below is Ford protocol for setting up all monitors to ready and pass


OBD Drive Cycle/Monitors:

For the EVAP/secondary AIR monitor to run, the ambient air temperature must be between 4.4 to 37.8°C (40 to 100°F) , and the altitude below 2,438 meters (8,000 feet) . If the PI000 code must be cleared in these conditions, the powertrain control module (PCM) must detect them once (twice on some applications) before the EVAP monitor can be bypassed and diagnostic trouble code (DTC) P1000 is cleared. The EVAP bypassing procedure is described in the following drive cycle.



WARNING: Strict observance of posted speed limits and attention to driving conditions are mandatory when proceeding through the following drive cycles. Failure to follow these instructions may result in personal injury.

  1. Most OBD monitors complete more readily using a steady foot driving style during cruise or acceleration modes. Operating the throttle in a smooth fashion minimizes the time required for monitor completion.
  2. The fuel tank level should be between 1/2 and 3/4 full with 3/4 full being the most desirable.
  3. The evaporative monitor can operate only during the first 30 minutes of engine operation. When executing the procedure for this monitor, stay in part throttle mode and drive in a smooth fashion to minimize fuel slosh.
  4. When bypassing the EVAP engine soak times, the PCM must remain powered (key ON) after clearing the continuous DTCs and relearning emission diagnostic information.



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