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Missing buttons/screen cut off in the SCT Device Updater

Sometimes when working with the SCT Device Updater Software some of the buttons aren't visible or some screen elements are cut off. Follow the steps outlined below to help correct this issue.


1) Right Click on an open area of the desktop / background image on your PC. You should see the menu pictured below. Select personalize from the bottom of the menu (Highlighted in RED)






2) This will open a new window for you. From the bottom left, select the option 'Display'.





3) The Options will change and you will now see the screen shown below. If your settings are at either 'Medium - 125%' or 'Larger - 150%' you will want to select 'Smaller - 100%' as indicated in the example below.




Select 'Smaller - 100%'





4) At the bottom right corner of this screen, select 'Apply'





5) You'll need to log off the computer and then log back in to allow the changes to apply.





6) When you open the SCT Device updater, you should now be able to see all of the options and buttons.


We hope this article has proven helpful. If you are still having issues, please give us a call and one of our Specialists will be able to help you.



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