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How do I get my Original Backup file with the i2?

For all Diablosport devices a copy of your stock tune or Original Backup file are needed to build up your custom tune.  This gives us a copy of your stock tune to modify and send back to you to load up.  One of the advantages of the i2 is that it is compatible with both MAC and PC computers.  For this we are using a Windows 10 Computer so some steps may vary if you are using a MAC.  We also recommend checking the device for any Updates before loading tunes. To update your i2 please visit our other article here:


1. Plug the tuner into the Mustangs OBD-II port to power it up.


2. Once fully powered up select the option for Tune Vehicle and it will prompt you to turn the key to the On position but do not start the engine.


3. After a moment it will present you with two options, Easy Tune and Advanced Tune. Select Easy Tune.


4. There area  few prompts to select here for the file to load up like octane and speed limiter settings, once that is done.


5. You will get a notice that the i2 is going to read a Backup from the PCM, select Yes to continue.


6. You will then be prompted to turn the key off and continue.


7. Then you will be prompted to turn the Key on and continue.


8. The tuner will then go through a process of Reading and Exporting the Backup file.


9. From here you can then select to load up the custom tune you selected earlier or you can cancel out.  If you cancel you can then unplug the tuner and go to step 10.  If you select to load the Diablo tune you will have to wait for it to finish the loading process that can take a few minutes.


10. Unplug the tuner from the Mustangs OBD-II port and go back to your home computer.


11. Plug the tuner into the computer via the mini USB cable that came with the tuner.  It will take a moment or two to fully power up.


12. When the tuner is plugged into your home computer it will show up like an external hard drive or thumb drive labeled as the i2 drive. Select into this i2 Drive.


13. You will have a few folders to choose here and you will want to select the Tunes folder. And then the folder with your vehicles VIN.


14. Your Backup and possibly a LastTuneWritten files will be stored here.


15. Copy and paste these into an email back to us so we can build up your custom tune files.



This is a bit of a process here to get this files saved for us but once this is done you should have a copy of the backup file saved on your tuner and we will have a copy here for future use as well.

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