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Mustang Computer Code Identification (1987-2004)


It’s very important to correctly identify your Mustang’s computer code, especially when you want to obtain some custom tunes from Bama Tuning. There are hundreds of codes out there and it would be near impossible and extremely hazardous to your motor if you attempt to guess your code. Below, you will find some examples of Mustang computer codes, arranged separately by year range and tips to help you recognize your specific ECU code.



1987-1993 FoxBody  1994-1995 SN95  1996-204
Example: A1B, Q3R Example: A1B2, X4Y5 Example: ABC3, XYZ5 



1987-2004 Mustangs:


The Mustang Computer Coding is found on the PCM which is located on 1987 to 2004 Mustangs on the Passenger Side (RH) of the vehicle behind the Side Kick Panel. Below are two example images from our 1998 Mustang GT: one showing the RH kick panel removed with computer/wiring exposed, second showing a close up of the computer code = DBZ2


Location of 1987-2004 Mustang Computer Code


Location of 1987-2004 Mustang Computer Code - 2


Should you already have your device you can also read the PCM Strategy coding from the car directly with the tuner.  The link below will take you to that article on how to get the coding this way for us.  If able to this will give us the best information on the Mustang for us.


How to read the PCM Strategy Code with your device


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