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Data logging Your Mustang

If you have been requested by Bama Performance to perform a datalog with Bama, follow these instructions.  Make sure you are running the most recent version of the software and device firmware.  Click here for instructions on how to determine if your device is up to date and to download the SCT Device Updater Software, which is required to complete this process.


1. Download and install LiveLink Gen-II data logging software here.


2. From the home screen of LiveLink select "I want to datalog a vehicle". 

3. Follow the prompts to plug in the device to the vehicle and laptop.


4. Next turn your key to the on position but do not start the vehicle until you are ready to record the log.


5. Next with the tuner plugged into the vehicle and the laptop press "Check Communication" on the Communications screen. Once the question marks turn into numbers you know that you have good communication with the vehicle. Click the Vehicle Info button in the bottom right corner.





6.  On the vehicle information screen select "Validate All Items" and then select "select items". 





7. Select the parameters that are needed for your vehicle. You can find what parameters you will need on this list here What Parameters Do I Need To Data Log?


Note: It is very important to only choose PID and DMR parameters while datalogging. Choosing an OBD parameter will result in poor data logging results.

Once you have selected all of the parameters click “Configure Datalog” at the bottom right corner.

You will then see all of the parameters you selected appear along with some gauges.


8. Next you will want to save your configuration file so you will not have to select the parameters again in the future. In the tool bar at the top select “Save Config”.  Name it whatever you wish.





9. When you are ready to start data logging, start your vehicle and click on the picture of the device in the top left corner with the green dot next to it. Once you click on it start your vehicle and you will see data moving across the graph. Complete whatever test it is you need to do and when you are ready to stop the log, click on the device in the top left corner with the red dot.   To see a list of the tests and how to perform them click here - What data logging tests do I need to perform?





10. Save the data log by clicking the Save button in the tool bar (under the data log tab) at the top of Livelink. Click on the arrow to the right of Save and select "Save All".  Label the log file with the name of the test you performed.


11. Once the data log is saved it is ready to be emailed to our technicians for review.



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