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How to Load Tune Files to 2021+ F-150's with SCT X4

With the new computer systems on the 2021+ F-150's the process has changed on how to be able to load to tunes to the vehicle.  This process is only needed for loading of a tune file or returning the vehicle back to its stock tune.  The tuner can still be connected to the vehicles OBD-II port to read trouble codes, vehicle information and record data logs.


The new process of loading tune files to the 2021+ F-150's with the SCT X4 devices require you to pop the hood of the vehicle and disconnect the main harnesses from the PCM and connect the tuner there using the included custom PCM cable.


To begin make sure the vehicle is parked safely and then pop the hood of the truck. You would then need to locate the PCM and Harness which are on the passenger side of the vehicle near the fire wall.  All 3 of these harnesses need to be removed so the tuner and PCM cable kit can be used to connect to the PCM.  Below is a video from SCT that shows the simple process of disconnecting these harnesses and setting up the tuner.



Once you have the tuner connected to the PCM you are then ready to load up a tune file to the truck.  This process is done similarly to other vehicles and using the Program Vehicle menu to go through the loading process.  The first time doing this will be the longest as the device is also saving a copy of your stock tune to return back to in the future if you choose to.  Another video here shows those steps of the tune loading process.



Once you have the tune file loaded you are then able to disconnect the tuner from the PCM and begin to then reconnect all 3 of the harnesses to the PCM.  Once this is done the tune file is loaded and you would be good to start the truck and go enjoy the updated tune on the vehicle. Below is a video covering the process of reconnecting the harnesses to the PCM which is just a reverse process of when those were removed.



Lastly if you are wanting to return the vehicle to stock for things like a visit to your dealership or other work being done on the truck the return to stock set-up would be the same when connecting and disconnecting the tuner.  You would have a different option in the Program Vehicle menu to Return to Stock to select for this.  The video below covers those steps.



We also have a downloadable version of these instruction here as a PDF file if you prefer to have this with you while loading up the tune files to the truck.


Please let us know if you have any questions on this process before beginning the loading so we can help ensure this goes smoothly for you.



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