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How to Data Log with your RevX or X4 Device

Sometimes you need to get a data log to us and having access to a laptop is just not working out.  In cases like that your device itself can be used to get a recording for us.  This process may not have every parameter that we typically like to see but it will get things rolling to getting your tunes adjusted.  With this process you may still need to have access to a Windows computer to get the files over to us.  To begin get the device plugged into the car and powered up.





 Once the device is powered up we will be selecting into the Gauges/Datalog menu




From here you will need to Turn Key On and select Configuration from the bottom options.




In the configuration options you will then select one of the options we have listed below depending on your year Mustang and Continue.


*Ford Gas 08 Newer - Use this for the 2011+ Mustangs and Trucks

*Ford Gas 07 and Prior - Use this option for the 2010 and older Mustangs and Trucks




This will start the initiation of the Data log




To start the recording tap the center button and you will see the REC show up and it will start to show a red ring as it records information.  Once you have completed the logging tap this again to Stop the recording.  You can also use this button to pause the recording when driving the vehicle.




Then tap the left arrow and select Stop Datalog and this will bring you back to the main menu on the device.




At this point you would need to either send the log file to through the cloud or pull the file from the device using LiveLink Gen II.


RevX Cloud based log: RevX Cloud Logs


X4 with LiveLink: How to Import a Data Log from Device


Reply to our email with the data log file attached and any additional information for us to help make changes to your tunes for you.

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