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What should I do when I get a Cloud Tunes Not Found on device message?

With the RevX tuners being Cloud based to download your tune files we see some cases where you get an error stating Cloud Tunes Not Found.  This can be caused for a few reasons and it never hurts to confirm you are getting a good WiFi signal.


Should you have a weak WiFi signal at your vehicle you can plug the tuner in via its USB cable to power it up closer to your home router.  Then follow the steps below to download your tunes:


              • Select into Device Settings
              • Select Cloud File Sync to begin the download


In some cases this still does not work. The options from here both require the use of the SCT Device Updater program to be installed on your home PC with internet access.



With this program installed there is an option to Load Cloud Tunes/Datalogs that will download the tunes from the cloud as well as an update that will then allow for the devices WiFi to download your tune files  in the future without needing this program.  Below are the steps on this process:


1) With RevX plugged in to the PC via its USB cable select the Load Cloud Tunes/Datalogs option.




2) This will show you the tune files available to download from the Cloud




3) Select the tune files you want downloaded onto the tuner and select Load



4) You will see some progress bars for the tunes and then a successful message when done






5) The tunes are now on the device for you to load to the Vehicle.


In the event that you are still having troubles please reply to your last ticket with us and we can then convert the files and send them out as an attachment for you.

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