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How to Datalog with the Bama/SCT X4 SF4

If you have been requested by Bama Performance to perform a datalog or set up a prior datalog request with Bama, follow these instructions.  Make sure you are running the most recent version of the software and device firmware.  Click here for instructions on how to determine if your device is up to date and to download the SCT Device Updater Software, which is required to complete this process
Set up a Datalog File

1. Download and install the SCT LiveLink Gen-II Software located here: SCT LiveLink Gen II Software


2. Open LiveLink and select “I want to create a datalog configuration file”.


3. Select “Vehicle is NOT available. I want to create a configuration file disconnected”, click Next.


4. Set the communication drop down to the appropriate type based on your vehicle.


1999 - 2004 -- SCP

2005 - 2010 -- CAN[KWP2000]

2011 - 2016 -- CAN(ISO14229)


 Click the bottom radio button “Do not validate (load complete list)”, click Select Items. This will load a long list of parameters, but you will only be selecting ones applicable to your car.



5. Select the requested parameters found here: What Parameters Do I need to Datalog? by checking off the box to the left of the value. Click Configure Datalog when finished selecting your parameters.  

NOTE:1996-2010 owners with aftermarket forced induction are required to install a Wide-Band Air-Fuel sensor in the car.  (Please follow the instructions here for setting up Analog Inputs)


6. You can now save and name your datalog file. First you can give it a description, we choose to just fill it in with “Bama1114GT” and then you can save the file under the same name. It will save as a configuration file “.cf4”.



7. After saving, your screen will now display the following:


8. Now, you want to export the configuration file so it can be put on your device. Click “Export DLF/DLX” on the top menu bar.


9. The export file window will pop up. You will select your target device, the X4 and hit okay.


10. The export configuration window will pop up and you should fill in the description with something easily identifiable on the device. Hit export and save, this created the “.DLX” file you need to transfer to the device.



11. Plug your tuner into your computer and open the SCT Device Updater. Select “Transfer File to Device”


12. Click Browse and select the DLX file you just created.



13. A window will pop up to let you know the transfer is complete. Unplug the device. You can now take your device out to your car, and perform your Idle, Cruise or WOT Datalog.
Recording the Datalog

For us to properly datalog your vehicle it is important that we get an idle, step and WOT datalog test. It is advised to save these as their own files to reduce file sizes.  Please click here for instructions How to Datalog Your Vehicle - SUPERCHARGED OWNERS PLEASE DO NOT GO WOT UNLESS INSTRUCTED

1. Plug the OBDII Cable into the OBDII Port and into the tuner.


2. On the X4 Tuner, highlight the Gauges/Datalog menu, and then click the center button.



3.Turn key to on, Select configuration by clicking the left arrow, then click the center button.


4. Select your configuration file, it should be at the bottom of this list. It should be named the same as what the DLX file was saved as in the steps above. Once it is checked, hit the right arrow to continue, then hit center button.




5. The tuner will then display some gauges, which is an insight into some of the parameters you have selected. You can display them however you would like, the default display starts with two parameters. LINK TO HOW TO DISPLAY GAUGES
6. Start the car then Start recording the datalog by pressing the center button on the keypad. When the device is recording, you will see a circular “REC” icon appear in the middle of the screen.  You can now run through either an Idle, Step Test, or Wide Open Throttle (WOT) test as indicated by Bama Performance.  You can see instructions on how to perform the test here.

7. After you have completed the test requested from BAMA Performance stop your datalog, press the left or right button until you get to the menu screen and select “Stop Datalog”.


8. The device now has the datalog file, it now needs to be transferred to your computer.

Importing the Datalog File

1. Select “I want to import a datalog from a device”.


2. Connect your BAMA X4 to an open usb port on your computer, then click Next.


3. Next, LiveLink will need to check the communication with the device, hit the check communication button, this may take a minute.


4. Once the information is confirmed click Import File.


5. You will be taken to a screen that shows a graph of the data captured during your session. Save your datalog as a .CSV file by going to the top menu and selecting “Save All”.


6. Reply to the datalog request email from BAMA Performance with your datalog .CSV file.  In some cases the datalog file may be too large to email over, in these cases putting it into a compressed or zipped format should resolve this and allow the file to be sent.

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